2019 Monster Pineland DC (Dual Channel) Bass Head

Monster Pineland DC Bass Head based on superior new innovations and the best details of Monster Mexican product family. The amp is all tube powered class AB1 operated bass amplifier, wich offers most Monstrous dynamic, tight and balanced touch response. Ride control offers soft vintage character volume and defetable More create more middle focused early ‘70s “SVT” volume response. 2-position shine,- mid boost- and bloom-switches offers two different levels for treble-, middle- and bass adjustments. The interactivity of the EQ is updated to higher level. Defetable More- and Room-adjustments offers also modern bass-distortion in higher control levels. Active Mid Unit offers wide adjustemnts for middle frquencies variations. The amp provides a sophisticated system for bias voltages, cathode follower with an overall input signal balance adjustment for poweramp section. Another design feature is “blow-out” protection circuit, the amp simply loses a some off its power but keeps right playing without affecting the rest of the tubes or blowing a fuse. Accent and Master offers felxible control options to the power amp section.


- High-mu twin triodes
- 2 x 6550 / KT88 (100W) or 4 x 6550 / KT88 (200W) or 6 x 6550 / KT88 (300W)
- SS rectifier
- Custom built 2017 Monster transformers
- Cathode driver
- 2 parellel power output with Speakons and 4ohm / 8ohm impedance switch
- Line out with level adjustment
- Serial effects loop
- More / Bloom footpedal
- Axial flow fan (300W RMS)
  EQ controls:
- Gate, input with HI / LO switch
- Ride, vintage character channel pre amp volume
- More ON / OFF switch
- More, modern channel pre amp volume
- Room, adjust the modern channel output level
- Bloom switch, boost the bass frequencies
- Low, controls the bass frequencies
- Mid Boost switch, boost the middle frequencies
- Mid, controls the middle frequencies
- Shine switch, boost the high frequencies
- High, controls the high frequencies
- Scale, adjust Mid Unit's output level
- Frequency, adjust Mid Unit's Q-point
- Master, transparent overall volume
- Accent, controls the upper middle frequencies
- Aircraft aluminium chassis
- Semi-open 15mm finger jointed solid pine cabinet with aircraft
  aluminium interface
- Black & Red Tolex
- Black Diamond grill gloth
- "F" handle and massive rubber paws
- 300mm H x 600mm W x 280mm D                                
- Weight 25kg - 35kg
- All point-to-point hand wired


- Custom Tolex or Antique Tweed
- Monster flight case