2019 Monster Pineland Cabinets

Monster Pineland cabinets are manufactured to meet maximum peformance with the Monster Pineland Amplifiers. All Monster Cabinets consist of 15mm finger jointed solid pinewood frame and inset handle with massive rubber paws. We use aricraft aluminium on body / front board interface, because of superior qualities. Cabinets are available semi-open or closed back style or reflex. We use JBL 12L Classic, Celestion Heritage/Classic series- and Celestion Bass Series speakers. All cabinets are hand made by Juha Mäntymaa.


                        2019 Monster Pineland MCD-212 Cabinet

Model                                         Measurements

MCS-112                         450mm H x 600mm W x 320mm D
MCS-115                         500mm H x 600mm W x 320mm D
MCD-212                         700mm H x 600mm W x 320mm D
MCQ-410                         600mm H x 600mm W x 320mm D
MCS-115 Bass                 500mm H x 600mm W x 340mm D
MCQ-410 Bass                 600mm H x 600mm W x 340mm D

Reflex versions with custom measurements.


- Custom measures
- Speaker type
- Connector type
- Semi-open oval or closed back or reflex
- Custom Tolex or Antique Tweed
- Custom grill cloth
- Monster flight case