2019 Monster Pineland RSCA 75W (Reverb/Single Channel/American) Head



- High-mu twin triodes
- 2 x 6550 (American) or 2 x KT88 (British)
- Custom built 2019 Monster transformers
- 4ohm or 8ohm impedance switch with two output jacks
- Line out with level adjustment
- Serial effects loop
- Dynamic balance
- Dynamic bias adjustments
- Cathode driver
- Lush 3-dimensional tube Reverb with send control and
  reverb ON / OFF switch
- Hi Ride / Mid Boost / Ride Boost / Reverb footpedal
  EQ controls:
- Gate, input
- Hi Ride, FET pre amp volume with crunchy & glow compression
- Hi Ride ON / OFF switch
- Low, controls the bass frequencies
- Bloom switch, warmer tonestack voicing
- Mid Sift, 6-position middle frequencies filter
- Mid Sift ON / OFF switch
- Mid, controls the middle frequencies
- Mid Boost switch, boost the middle frequencies
- High, controls the high frequencies
- Shine switch, boost the high frequencies
- Lo Ride, highly musical "pristine clean" pre amp volume
- Ride Boost ON / OFF switch, increasing level and mid response
- Lo Step Filter, 6-position bass frequencies filter
- Hi Step Filter, 6-position high frequencies filter
- Reverb, return level control
- Master, transparent overall volume for 1-75W scale
- Accent, controls the upper middle frequencies voicing
- Aircraft aluminium chassis
- Semi-open 15mm finger jointed solid pine cabinet with aircraft
  aluminium interface
- Black & Red Tolex
- Black Diamond grill gloth
- "F" handle and massive rubber paws
- 300mm H x 600mm W x 280mm D                                 
- Weight ~25kg
- All point-to-point hand wired


- Head tai 1x12" Combo 
- 50W (2 x 6L6/EL34) tai 150W (4 x 6550/KT88)
- Custom Tolex tai Antique Tweed tai Custom grill cloth
- Monster flight case